International Space Station

Shutting down the International Space Station: NASA’s bold plans to land outpost in ocean

International Space Station (from Society for Science) By Eric Lagatta, Published by USA Today, 16 January 2024 After two decades, NASA is laying the groundwork for plans to safely deorbit and land the International Space Station, the largest of its kind ever built, by 2030. The International Space Station has been continuously

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Starship SN15 takes off on May 5, 2021. (Credit: SpaceX webcast)

Starship, Starlink and more: SpaceX poised for huge 2024

By Mike Wall, Published by, 3 January 2024 The company wants to launch nearly 150 missions this year. Surprise, surprise: SpaceX plans to set more spaceflight records this year. Elon Musk's company launched 96 orbital missions in 2023, a big jump from its previous high of 61, which was set

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‘Space Rescue Service’ needed for coming space tourism era, report argues

Illustration of an astronaut floating in space. (Image credit: Devrimb via iStock / Getty Images Plus) By Elizabeth Howell, Published by, 5 December 2023 'The more people who fly in space, the higher the likelihood of something going wrong.' Rescuers on Earth can reach a lot of rugged environments: stranded

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NASA and Japan to launch world’s 1st wooden satellite as soon as 2024. Why?

Artist's illustration of a wooden square satellite. (Image credit: Kyoto University) By Ben Turner, Published by, 16 November 2023 The magnolia wood LignoSat is an attempt to make space junk biodegradable. NASA and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) are planning to launch the world's first wooden satellite into space

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International Space Station dodges orbital debris hours before SpaceX cargo ship’s arrival: report

By Elizabeth Howell, Published by, 10 November 2023 The debris avoidance maneuver took place on Nov. 10. Update for Nov. 13: In an email to, a representative from NASA's Space Operations Mission Directorate confirmed the debris avoidance maneuver that took place on Nov. 10. "On Nov. 10, the International

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