19th Launch In 2023, Russia Fights Ukraine From Space; RuAF Goes On Recon Satellite Launch Spree

By Sakshi Tiwari, Published by The Eurasian Times, 29 December 2023 As a protracted war steadily moves towards its third year, there are reports that Russia has ramped up efforts to expand its watchful eyes in space.  The Russian Ministry of Defense (MoD) announced on December 27 that the Russian Aerospace Forces

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(Image credit: U.S. Space Force)

Space Force eyes new breed of satellites that adjust their orbit and respond to threats

By Sandra Erwin, Published by Space News, 14 December 2023 A more agile fleet requires making satellite refuelable and transitioning to modern ground systems ORLANDO, Fla. — The U.S. military has long relied on large, expensive satellites parked in fixed orbits above the Earth. Some U.S. Space Force leaders believe

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Anti-Satellite Weapons Within Satellites? Russian Spacecrafts Releasing ‘Secret’ Payloads Could Be A ‘Star Wars’ Munition

By Parth Satam, Published by the Eurasian Times, 28 November 2023 Space observers and scientists have noted curious and intriguing activity from two Russian satellites launched over the last year, releasing other satellites and spacecraft from within them. Believed to be electronic reconnaissance orbital payloads, the rare practice of satellites

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NOAA’s GOES-T satellite will monitor Earth from orbit.

A Russian Satellite Has Shifted Within 60 km of Another Spacecraft

Geostationary orbits are where telecommunication satellites and other monitoring satellites operate. This image shows one of the NOAA's Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellites. Image Credit: NOAA. By Evan Gough, Published by Universe Today, 21 October 2023 When it comes to saber-rattling, few countries employ it as much as Russia does. During

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Slingshot Aerospace harnessing AI to track suspicious satellites

By Sandra Erwin, Published by SpaceNews, 6 October 2023 The company recently detected unusual maneuvers by Russia’s Luch Olymp-K-2 inspector satellite WASHINGTON — When Russia launched the Luch Olymp K-2 geostationary spy satellite in March, analysts expected it would carry out signals intelligence-gathering missions much like its predecessor Luch Olymp-K-1

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Space Force wrapping up plan to buy C2 software for maneuvering sats

By Theresa Hitchens, Published by Breaking Defense, 27 September 2023 AMOS 2023 — The Space Rapid Capabilities Office (SpRCO) is now “finalizing” a plan to acquire software for command and control (C2) of highly mobile satellites and spacecraft being envisioned for future “dynamic space operations,” according to Director Kelly Hammett. SpRCO

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