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31/08/2022 20:58:24Smilin' Trees Disarmament FarmBath Iron Works, Maine01/10/202211:30:00Space week vigil - Destroyers at BIW outfitted with 'missile defense' interceptorsmaureenostensen@gmail.com207-763-4062
01/09/2022 17:50:13Oxfordshire Peace Campaign(RAF)USAF Croughton, Northamptonshire, England01/10/202212:00:00National march and rally, speakers: Paul Mobbs, Peter Burt, Maya Evensoxonpeace@yahoo.co.uk01865 248357
07/09/2022 13:02:57Yorkshire CND/MHACOtley, North Yorkshire, England16/10/202210:45:00Workshop on Menwith Hill Spy Base and walk around baseinfo@yorkshirecnd.org.uk01274 730795
08/09/2022 15:44:32Yorkshire CNDFylingdales missile defence radar, Yorkshire, England09/10/202214:00:00Gathering outside base with protest and information sharinginfo@yorkshirecnd.org.uk01274 730795
27/09/2022 17:05:30ICFAI University & Global Network sponsoringHyderabad, India14/10/202209:00:00Conference Oct 14-16 entitled Space Maneuvers: The Future Perplexities at ICFAI University. Lead organizer is Dr. Aruna Kammila.aruna1415@gmail.comhttps://space4peace.org/space-maneuvers-the-future-perplexities/
27/09/2022 17:15:34The Nuclear ResisterRaytheon Missiles & Defense, Tucson, AZ04/10/202207:00:00Join the Raytheon Peacemakers as we demonstrate against war and those who profit from it. Survival demands better ideas, not better weapons.
For more than a decade, Raytheon has hailed Tucson as the Missile Technology Capital of the World - a center for lethal innovation and cutting-edge killing for profit. From Standard Missiles to Star Wars "kill vehicles” and hypersonic glide bombs, Mavericks and AMRAAMs, microwave crowd control beams and pilotless drones, cluster bombs and now, nuclear-armed cruise missiles - it's all made here, some even sold to friends and foes of friends alike.
02/10/2022 20:59:41Global Network VisakhapatnamVisakhapatnam, India01/10/202200:00:00Education program at engineering school students. Condemn NATO expansion and western arms transfers to Ukraineprabhakar.jalluri@gmail.com
02/10/2022 21:01:20Dorothy Day Catholic WorkerWashington DC30/09/002200:00:00Hold keep space for peace sign at White House vigilartlaffin@hotmail.com
02/10/2022 21:04:01Dorothy Day Catholic WorkerWashington DC03/10/002207:00:00Peace vigil at Pentagon entrance as workers arrive. Hold sign calling for peace in space.artlaffin@hotmail.com
02/10/2022 22:18:32Global NetworkSpace Week Zoom webinar: Dangers of WW III & Space war Reports from around the world08/10/202214:00:00Speakers:

* Dr. Dave Webb (UK) Overview of current space warfare system

* Agneta Norberg (Sweden) Sweden-a platform for US war on Russia

* Koohan Mander Paik (Hawaii) Clash of Paradigms: Pacific Peoples vs. Pentagon Robots

* Subrata Ghoshroy (Boston) From ANZUS to Quad, US policy to contain China

* Tamara Lorincz (Canada) With the Militarization of Space by NATO and NORAD, What Are the Possibilities for Peace in Space?

* Bruce Gagnon (Maine) Moderator

Speakers to be followed by audience Comments, Questions & Answers

All are invited

Event begins at 2:00 pm (EST)

Link for Zoom Event: (Just click the link on October 8 to enter the Webinar)
04/10/2022 14:26:10GN VisakhapatnamSatya Technical Training Institute Vijayayanagaram, India01/10/002209:00:0050 students sensitized on wars and its Adverse effects on Education Employment and Environmentprabhakar.jalluri@gmail.com
04/10/2022 14:46:46GN VisakhapatnamGeneral Educational Institute Vision Educational institute for Nursing in Tuni, India03/10/002209:00:00Lecture on space, wars, environmentprabhakar.jalluri@gmail.com
05/10/2022 03:06:19Merrimack Valley People for Peace, Lawrence Friends Meeting, Veterans for PeaceAndover, Massachusetts Raytheon plant06/10/002214:30:00Keep Pace for Peace Vigil at entrance of Raytheon on Hwy 133 near 93drbear@comcast.net
05/10/2022 16:39:54Global Network VisakhapatnamKakinada City, India05/10/002209:00:00Lecture to 50 working class people about space, NATO war against Russia in Ukraine, oil & gas prices rising, living conditions of working class worseningprabhakar.jalluri@gmail.com
05/10/2022 21:32:24Beale AFB affinity groupBeale AFB, Northern California04/10/002206:00:00Morning vigil at Beale AFB gate as GI's come to work. The base flies U-2 spy planes and has a space war-fighting radar facility. This group has protested at this base regularly for years - often arrested for stepping beyond the 'white line'janiekess@gmail.com
06/10/2022 14:26:22GN VisakhapatnamVisakhapatnam, India06/10/002210:00:00500 student engineers attending at 50 years old college at Visakhapatnam
Engineers lecturers addressed to wage a war for Peace and Environment
Thanks for all Board members and other active members of Global Network.
07/10/2022 02:09:09Baltimore Nonviolence CenterNSA HQ at Fort Meade, Maryland08/10/002210:00:00Protest at the National Security Agency (NSA). NSA plays a key role in militarization of space.mobuszewski2001@comcast.net410-323-1607
17/10/2022 16:48:39Dronewars UK / CNDCornwall Newquay Airport29/10/202212:00:00No military launches from Cornwallinfo@dronewars.nethttps://dronewars.net/2022/10/17/newquayairportprotest/

See a report from some of this year’s events here.