KSFPW 2021 Event List

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23/08/2021 21:06:30Smilin' Trees Disarmament FarmBath Iron Works navy shipyard09/10/202111:30:00Vigil outside General Dynamics (owns BIW) HQ building at the shipyard. The Aegis destroyers built at BIW carry 'missile defense' interceptor missiles and are being stationed off coasts of China and Russia. These weapons are key elements in Pentagon 'first strike' attack planning.maureenostensen@gmail.com
27/08/2021 15:38:10Menwith Hill Accountability CampaignFriends Meeting House, Harrogate, North Yorkshire02/10/202115:00:00The launch of a new report on the activities at the massive NSA Spy base at Menwith Hill in North Yorkshire, England.sswift64@gmail.comhttps://www.themhac.uk/
05/09/2021 14:45:55The WB National University of Juridical SciencesKolkata, India06/10/202116:00:00Workshop on Peaceful Uses of Outer Spacecasl@nujs.eduhttps://caslnujs.in/
10/09/2021 02:21:47Catholic WorkerVandenberg Space Force Base06/10/202115:45:00Keep Space for Peace Vigiljdapel2@gmail.comhttp://www.VandenbergWitness.org(805) 878-2614
10/09/2021 16:05:11Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in SpaceInternational09/10/202119:00:00Zoom webinar: 'Linking Militarized Space & Climate Crisis - Latest news from Indo-Pacific'. Speakers: Dave Webb (UK), Aruna Kammila (India), Kevin Clements (New Zealand), Koohan Paik-Mander (Hawaii), Bruce Gagnon (Maine).
Time of event is 7:00 am (New York) or 12:00 noon (London)
Zoom webinar link:
Meeting ID: 861 9202 9046
Passcode: 967989
14/09/2021 14:33:38Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in SpaceInternational03/10/202113:00:00Zoom webinar: 'Linking Militarized Space & Climate Crisis - Latest news from US & Europe'. Speakers: Stuart Parkinson (UK), Regina Hagen (Germany), Dieter Engels (German astronomer), Bruce Gagnon (Maine). Time of event is 1:00 pm (New York) or 6:00 pm (London).
Zoom webinar link:
Meeting ID: 883 4842 4885
Passcode: 726090
15/09/2021 14:26:34Oxforshire Peace CampaignEngland - USAF Croughton Space Communication base02/10/002112:00:00This major US communication & intell base supports space communications, data links, drone info, bomber guidance, missile defense, diplomatic communications and command and control war fighting functions.
Noon at the main gate (flags & banners).
Then at 5:00 pm a Zoom event with speakers Paul Mobbs, Bruce Gagnon, Nikki Clark and the Seagreen Singers.
oxonpeace@yahoo.co.uk01865 248357
15/09/2021 17:48:08Dorothy Day Catholic WorkerPentagon04/10/202107:00:00One hour long vigil at the Pentagon to Stop the Militarization of Spacekathyboylan5@gmail.com2028829649
23/09/2021 16:15:47Maine Veterans for PeaceBath Iron Works Navy compound gate06/10/202111:00:00Peace in space vigil at the gate where Navy personnel and BIW shipyard workers pass during the lunch hourglobalnet@mindspring.com207-389-4606
23/09/2021 16:18:44Pacific Asian Nuclear-Free Peace AllianceSanta Monica Pier, Santa Monica, CA09/10/202113:00:00We will gather on the beautiful Santa Monica beach to distribute flyers and tell people about the danger created by the US government's plan to "militarize" and "dominate" Space. There will be speakers and music.

The event title is "Keep Space for Peace, Take Care of the Earth." We will also talk about the Japanese government's plan to release radiated water from the defunct Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant and gather support for expressing the global community's opposition to it.
24/09/2021 16:02:40Dorothy Day Catholic WorkerWhite House in Washington DC08/10/202112:00:00Holding 'No Weapons in Space' and 'Keep Space for Peace' signs at White House peace vigil - noon to 1:00 pmartlaffin@hotmail.com
27/09/2021 13:29:01Baltimore Nonviolence Center & Peace ActionNSA HQ at Ft. Meade, MD02/10/202112:00:00We will do a demonstration at the National Security Agency at Fort Meade, Maryland from noon to 1 PM. We will write a letter to the director of the NSA, and our focus will be about the Agency’s involvement in killer drone strikes. The NSA may have been involved in the strike in Afghanistan which killed seven children. Thanks for the organizing.mobuszewski2001@comcast.net
27/09/2021 13:48:04Ban Killer Drones networkNational (at places of worship)07/10/202111:00:00A Day of Atonement - 20 Years of War
On Thursday, October 7th, we will gather, and we urge all those reading this to gather, at places of worship at 11am to call for a real end to the 20 years of U.S. terror against the people of Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere. We urge a ban on weaponized drones and an end to any “Over the Horizon” airstrikes against Afghanistan and any other country. We will also call on our religious leaders to speak out clearly for peace, ending what has too often been a tragic, enabling silence from faith leaders over the 20 years.
kathy@vcnv.orghttps://bankillerdrones.org/(607) 239 9605
29/09/2021 17:20:33Convert BIW CoalitionBath Iron Works shipyard in Maine02/10/202110:00:00Protest at 'Christening' ceremony by General Dynamics (which owns BIW) of another Aegis destroyer at South Gate on Washington St. in Bathglobalnet@mindspring.com207-389-4606
30/09/2021 01:49:28Merrimack Valley People for Peace (Massachusetts)Andover Raytheon plant on Rt 133 near Interstate 9307/10/202107:00:00Vigil at Raytheon dedicated to keeping space for peacebrian@quirk.ws(978) 853-8216
30/09/2021 15:27:49School of Law, Galgotias UniversityUttar Pradesh, India07/10/202116:00:00International webinar: Conflict in Outer Space: A threat to International Peace and Security
Speakers: Professor Em. Dave Webb (England), Bruce Gagnon (Maine), Tamara Lorincz (Canada), Professor Karl Grossman (New York), Prof. (Dr.) Shobhalata V. Udapudi (India)
03/10/2021 16:34:07Reject Raytheon AVLAsheville, NC08/10/202118:00:00We will walk around town with banners, signs, and flyers, beating the drums of peace. Meet at former monument downtown. Vigil to oppose new Raytheon plant in Asheville and call to keep space for peace.kwjj1949@gmail.comhttp://rejectraytheonavl.com/207-233-3087

See a report from some of the above events here.