Russia Sets 2030 Timeline To Launch Its Nuclear-Powered Zeus Tug That Can Clean Mounting Space Debris

A graphical representation of Russia’s nuclear-powered space tug, Zeus By Parth Satam, Published by The Eurasian Times, 20 April 2023 Russian space agency Roscosmos is considering using the Zevs (Zeus) nuclear tug for cleaning up orbits flooded with space debris. The agency’s CEO, Yuri Borisov, made the announcement at the

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Space Force, SPACECOM pushing to speed ‘sustained’ maneuverability on orbit

By Theresa Hitschens, Published by Breaking Defense, 19 April, 2023 The Space Force is rushing to meet SPACECOM's demand, developing a new acquisition plan for space "mobility and logistics" — including on-orbit servicing and repair, satellite refueling and space junk cleanup — a plan that will lean heavily on use

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A visualization of satellites and space debris around Earth. (Image credit: NASA)

Call for ‘highway code’ to tackle space junk

By Nilima Marshall, Published by yahoo!news, 4 April 2023 Aerospace and satellite companies are urging governments around the world to adopt a “highway code” to tackle space junk. The Space Safety Coalition (SSC), an international organisation of satellite operators, aerospace companies and industry representatives, has published new guidelines to protect

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