In 2021, astronauts on the space station jettisoned this equipment pallet. The space junk has been orbiting Earth for the last few years. It most likely made its reentry on March 8, 2024, over the Pacific. Some fragments should have survived to hit the ocean. Image via NASA/ Jonathan McDowell on X/Twitter.

Florida family files claim with NASA after ISS space junk crashes into home

The International Space Station jettisons a 2.9-ton pallet carrying used batteries on March 11, 2021. This photo was posted on Twitter by NASA astronaut Mike Hopkins. (Image credit: NASA/Mike Hopkins via Twitter) By Josh Dinner, Published by, 24 June 2024 The falling space junk crashed through two floors of their

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A composite image showing rows of Starlink satellites awaiting deployment into low Earth orbit in front of a picture of Earth taken from the International Space Station. (Image credit: SpaceX via X)

SpaceX’s Starlink may be Keeping the Ozone Layer from Healing, Research Finds

(Image credit: SpaceX via X) By Victor Tangermann, Published by Futurism, 15 June 2024 Mgaconstellations could be a disaster for the environment Burning Up SpaceX's growing Starlink megaconstellation could be hindering the Earth's atmosphere from healing itself. In a new study, researchers from the University of Southern California estimated the harmful

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Radio Astronomers Raise Alarm Bells Over SpaceX’s Cellular Starlink Tech

Satellite Dishes (Defense One) By Michael Kan, Published by PC Magazine, 31 May 2024 Scientists fear cellular satellites from SpaceX and AST SpaceMobile will interfere with and even damage their radio astronomy equipment. SpaceX and AST SpaceMobile are working to bring satellite connectivity to smartphones, but scientists say the technology risks disrupting

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The cargo pallet after being tossed by the by the Canadarm2 robotic arm in 2021.Photo: NASA

Mysterious object that crashed through Florida home was likely space junk from the International Space Station

The cargo pallet after being tossed by the by the Canadarm2 robotic arm in 2021.Photo: NASA By Ben Turner, Published by Live Science, 2 April 2024 The mysterious cylinder crashed through the home of Alejandro Otero on March 8 A mysterious object that came crashing through a house in Florida

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