Northrop Grumman will supply 36 satellites for SDA's Tranche 2 Transport Layer-Beta Data Transport Layer. NORTHROP GRUMMAN

DARPA project uses AI to flag space weapons, spy satellites

Through a DARPA project, Slingshot Aerospace created an AI tool to spot nefarious satellites that could be hiding in large constellations. (Northrop Grumman) By Courtney Albon,Published by Defense News, 5 June 2024 As more governments and commercial companies look to proliferated satellite constellations for increased capacity, some defense experts are

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Dear Techno Savages, Leave Us Alone

By Koohan Paik-Mander, Published by CounterPunch, 15 March 2024 Barbarians of the Eurocene, whose shackles are forged in economies of algorithms and war, you nuclear monsters who anger at the beauty of flesh and Mother Earth, I come from the ancestors of abundance and the descendants of the future. I

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Credit: SpaceNews Midjourney illustration

Space loves AI, AI doesn’t love Space

Image Credit: SpaceNews Midjourney illustration By Debra Werner, Published by SpaceNews, 11 March 2024 Space-related applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning are often confined to the ground because moving AI onboard satellites, while promising, is significantly more difficult. “Running AI in space is like running a marathon on the moon

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Linking Large Language Models for Space Domain Awareness

Satellite Dishes (Defense One) Presented by Booz Allen, Published by Defense One, 12 January 2024 Advancing AI to Ensure Freedom and Safety in Space SPEED READ There’s an urgent need for advanced AI as an expected surge in the number of active satellites by 2030 makes space increasingly “competitive, congested,

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To deter China, Space Force acquisition command focusing on networks, AI/ML and ‘dynamic’ ops

U.S. Space Force Lt. Gen. Michael A. Guetlein, Space Systems Command commander, speaks during the 7th Annual Air Force Association Schriever Space Futures Forum on Nov. 19, 2021. (U.S. Space Force photo by Staff Sgt. Luke Kitterman) By Theresa Hitchens, Published by Breaking Defense, 14 December 2023 "I don't care

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