The Strategic Chaos Engine for Planning, Tactics, Experimentation and Resiliency is a military project to develop AI technology. (Image credit: Anton Petrus via Getty Images)

DARPA is funding AI to help make battlefield decisions

By Joe Phelan, Published by Live Science, 19 September 2023 The U.S. military research agency DARPA is spending millions to develop artificial intelligence that can help make strategic battlefield decisions. The U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is spending millions on research to use artificial intelligence (AI) in strategic

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A.I. Brings the Robot Wingman to Aerial Combat

The Air Force’s pilotless XQ-58A Valkyrie experimental aircraft is run by artificial intelligence.Credit...Edmund D. Fountain for The New York Times By Eric Lipton, Published by NY Times, 28 August 2023 An Air Force program shows how the Pentagon is starting to embrace the potential of a rapidly emerging technology, with

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The Pentagon just launched a generative AI task force

Ameca, a robot made by the UK's Engineered Arts interacts with visitors on July 6, 2023, in Geneva, Switzerland. Johannes Simon / Getty Images By Patrick Tucker, Published by Defense One, 10 August 2023 A conversation with the leader of Task Force Lima reveals its objectives—and the main questions it's

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