Space is ‘more contested’ than ever by world’s militaries, US Space Force chief says

Chief of Space Operations Gen. Chance Saltzman By Brett Tingley, Published by, 14 September 2023 We were created for this new space era — an era increasingly characterized by great power competition.' The space around Earth is increasingly a site of military competition. That's according to remarks made by

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GPS III satellite, (Lockheed Martin image)

Space Force prototypes new ‘integrated’ Deltas for readiness boost

By Theresa Hitchens, Published by Breaking Defense, 12 September 2023 The two new Integrated Mission Deltas will be responsible for all aspects of electronic warfare and positioning, navigation and timing. AFA 2023 — The Space Force is experimenting with a new organizational structure, putting both operations and sustainment activities for

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Russia’s TOBOL EW System “Cuts Off” Starlink From It’s Ground Terminals; How Did Moscow Delink The Starlink

By Parth Satam, Published by The Eurasian Times, 24 April 2023 Russia’s Tobol electronic warfare (EW) system targeted the Global Positioning System (GPS) signal to break the “synchronization” of the Starlink satellite internet service with its ground terminals, according to a Ukrainian journalist. Leaked documents from the Pentagon had recently

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