Dear Techno Savages, Leave Us Alone

By Koohan Paik-Mander, Published by CounterPunch, 15 March 2024 Barbarians of the Eurocene, whose shackles are forged in economies of algorithms and war, you nuclear monsters who anger at the beauty of flesh and Mother Earth, I come from the ancestors of abundance and the descendants of the future. I

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The evacuation of Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul, Afghanistan, as imaged by Planet’s Skysat satellite Aug. 23, 2021. Credit: Planet Labs

Report: U.S. military needs a better way to buy commercial satellite imagery

By Sandra Erwin, Publishd by SpaceNews, 2 February 2022 CSIS: 'One of the biggest obstacles for the U.S. government to effectively access commercial space capabilities is the acquisition and contracting system' WASHINGTON — The U.S. military and intelligence community have a growing demand for satellite imagery but their acquisition methods

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Weapons are already being developed for the first space war. [Source:]

Insane U.S. Plan to Spend Billions on Weaponizing Space Makes Defense Contractors Jump for Joy—But Rest of World Cowers in Horror at Prospect of New Arms Race Leading to World War III

By Karl Grossman, Published by CovertAction Magazine 25 August 2021 Imagine this scenario from the year 2045: The U.S. and China, after years of belligerence, go to war over control of the Taiwan straits; most of the battles are fought through cyber-attacks and space-based weapons systems that had been perfected

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