Elon Musk denies SpaceX satellites are blocking space in wake of Chinese complaints about Tiangong’s near miss

By Echo Xie, Published by South China Morning Post, 30 December 2021 Beijing lodged a protest at the UN, saying its space station had been forced to take evasive action to avoid a collision with one of Musk’s satellites Tesla boss insists there is room for ‘tens of billions’ of

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Getty Images / dima_zel

For national security space, running to stand still: 2021 In Review

By Theresa Hitchens, Pubished by Breaking Defense, 28 December 2021 US leaders this year faced difficult decisions against a backdrop of rapidly growing challenges from potential adversaries, and a booming commercial space sector that innovation-wise is leaving the Defense Department and the Intelligence Community in the dust. WASHINGTON: Saying it

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