Was going to space a good idea?

By Alice Gorman, Published by The Conversation, 4 December 2023 In 1963, six years after the first satellite was launched, editors from the Encyclopaedia Britannica posed a question to five eminent thinkers of the day: “Has man’s conquest of space increased or diminished his stature?” The respondents were philosopher Hannah Arendt,

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A composite image showing rows of Starlink satellites awaiting deployment into low Earth orbit in front of a picture of Earth taken from the International Space Station. (Image credit: SpaceX via X)

Starlink Upgrade Incoming? SpaceX Filing Requests Spectrum for 29,888 Satellites

By Michael Kan, Published by PC Magazine, 13 October 2023 The International Telecommunication Union filing may be an effort to seize more radio spectrum ahead of a future Starlink upgrade. SpaceX has made a mysterious new regulatory filing for 29,888 satellites, possibly in an attempt to secure more radio spectrum

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