West Confirms Intention to Militarize Space, Says Russia’s UN Envoy

Published by Sputnik International, 21 May 2024

UNITED NATIONS (Sputnik) – Having prevented the UN Security Council from adopting Russia’s draft resolution, the West has confirmed its intention to continue militarizing space, Russian Permanent Representative to the UN Vasily Nebenzia said at a meeting of the Security Council.

Earlier, due to the position of Western countries, the UN Security Council did not adopt Russia’s resolution on preventing an arms race in space. Russia, China, Algeria, Guyana, Ecuador, Mozambique, Sierra Leone voted in favor of the resolution. Switzerland abstained. The United States, France, Britain, Japan, Slovenia, the Republic of Korea, and Malta voted against.

Nebenzia pointed out how just in April, the US and its allies in the UNSC were fervently assuring everyone of their dedication to maintaining peace in space.

“Today, after they confirmed their real intentions to continue militarizing space and creating corresponding weapons, their attempts to justify their actions by the alleged non-consensual nature of our project look especially cynical and hypocritical,” Nebenzya said.

According to him, Russia is generally satisfied with the result of today’s vote. “In addition to the numbers, it has demonstrated the watershed between those who seek peaceful space exploration and those who are leading the way towards its militarization. Western countries found themselves today essentially isolated in the Council. And this is symptomatic,” Russia’s UN envoy emphasized.

According to the permanent representative, it is deeply regrettable that these countries did not allow the Security Council to make a balanced “and urgently needed decision in favor of preserving space exclusively for peaceful use.”

“So, today they finally tore off their masks, exposing their true colors and showed us just who they really are, Nebenzia noted.

“The reason why you did not back our project is banal and simple. You just want to maintain a free hand to use space for military purposes and place any sort of weapons there,” the permanent representative concluded.

The West’s militarization of space will require analysis and retaliatory steps by Russia, but Moscow will remain committed to its obligations under international law, Nebenzia highlighted.

“Of course, the current situation will require analysis and response steps from our side. At the same time, Russia will remain committed to its obligations in outer space in accordance with international law,” the diplomat stressed.

“We have repeatedly confirmed and reaffirm our commitment. Despite the aggressive attitude of the United States and its allies, we will continue to work in this direction and make every effort together with responsible UN member states to keep space peaceful,” he emphasized.

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