Weapons are already being developed for the first space war. [Source: thesun.co.uk]

Insane U.S. Plan to Spend Billions on Weaponizing Space Makes Defense Contractors Jump for Joy—But Rest of World Cowers in Horror at Prospect of New Arms Race Leading to World War III

By Karl Grossman, Published by CovertAction Magazine 25 August 2021 Imagine this scenario from the year 2045: The U.S. and China, after years of belligerence, go to war over control of the Taiwan straits; most of the battles are fought through cyber-attacks and space-based weapons systems that had been perfected

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Terminator Tape Draws Satellites Back to Earth Faster to Their Fiery Doom

By Florina Spinu, Published by Autoevolution, 23 August 2021 Millennium Space Systems, a Boeing company, has successfully demonstrated the ability to safely and quickly de-orbit a satellite by using its Terminator Tape Deorbit Module, a lightweight solution for end-of-mission disposal of satellites that helps ensure the long-term sustainability of space

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SpaceX’s Starlink satellites near-misses with other spacecraft are getting ‘out of control’, experts say

By Adam Smith, Published by The Independent, 20 August 2021 Once Starlink launches its full 12,000 satellite network it will be involved in 90 per cent of all close approaches, which experts say is ‘getting out of control’ SpaceX’s Starlink satellites are responsible for over half of all near-collisions in

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