MQ-9 Reaper unmanned aerial vehicle flies a combat mission over southern Afghanistan (Wikipedia)

Game-Changing Mission! US Demonstrates Capability To Operate Its ‘Deadly Reapers’ Via Satellites As China Threat Intensifies

By Tanmay Kadam, Published by Eurasian Times, 13 August 2022 The MQ-9 Reapers participated for the first time in the annual Valiant Shield Exercise this year, proving its agility and mission relevance to the US Indo-Pacific Command’s Joint Force by demonstrating various capabilities for the Reaper agile combat employment (RACE)

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5 Weapons You’ll See on the Battlefield of the Future, Influenced by Russia’s War in Ukraine

By Kyle Mizokami, Published by Popular Mechanics, 1 August 2022 The war in Ukraine, like every war, has seen innovation and the rise of new weapon systems.The five-month-old war has elevated drones, rockets, and electronic warfare as new masters of the battlefield.Weapons like HIMARS rocket systems were primed and ready

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NRO, Air Force may co-fund future space-based ISR tech: Kendall

By Theresa Hitchens, Publisged by Breaking Defense, 1 August 2022 Amid lawmaker concerns about turf tussles, Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall and NRO Director Chris Scoloese have an "informal agreement" to "work cooperatively to address DoD's ISR needs from space." WASHINGTON: Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall and National Reconnaissance Office

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