3D render of planet Earth viewed from space, with night lights in Europe and sun rising over Asia. Blue hue treatment. Elements from NASA (https://eoimages.gsfc.nasa.gov/images/imagerecords/57000/57752/land_shallow_topo_2048.jpg)

NATO reveals new space fleet

Published by RT, 16 February 2023 The US-led military bloc will use commercial satellites to improve intelligence gathering NATO has announced a new space project that aims to create a fleet of spy satellites. The initiative, which includes NATO applicants Sweden and Finland, involves not only national but commercial assets.

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16 Allies, Finland and Sweden launch largest space project in NATO’s history

Published by NATO News, 15 February 2023 On Wednesday (15 February 2023), 16 Allies (Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Spain, Turkiye, United Kingdom, United States), together with invitees Finland and Sweden, launched a new initiative that will transform the way NATO gathers and

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Spurred by Ukraine war, 18 Western countries plan to share remote sensing data

By Theresa Hitchens, Published by Breaking Defense, 15 February 2023 "Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine has highlighted the importance of a persistent space surveillance capability," said the United Kingdom, as European nations (and Canada) band together. WASHINGTON — A group of 17 European nations, plus the US and Canada, today

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Stalking the Bear

The unknown history of the CIA and NSA in Norway The author of this book is Bård Wormdal, an award winning author, filmmaker and journalist from Norway who specialises in intelligence and warfare. He has worked for NRK, Norway's largest mediahouse, for more than 30 years. Bård also published "The

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United Kingdom – Ballistic Missile Defense Radar (BMDR) and Command and Control Battle Management and Communications (C2BMC)

From Defense Security Cooperation Agency, 17 March 2022 WASHINGTON - The State Department has made a determination approving a possible Foreign Military Sale to the Government of the United Kingdom of Ballistic Missile Defense Radar (BMDR) and Command and Control Battle Management and Communications (C2BMC) and related equipment for an estimated cost of

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A decision on the contract award for the Risk Reduction and Feasibility Studies for NATO AFSC is expected in 2022.

Airbus and Northrop Grumman lead team seeking to shape NATO’s future surveillance and control

By Staff Writers, Published by Space War, 9 November 2021 Munich, Germany (SPX) - Northrop Grumman and Airbus Defence and Space, together with seven industrial players, have established ASPAARO, the Atlantic Strategic Partnership for Advanced All-domain Resilient Operations. ASPAARO will bid to undertake the Risk Reduction and Feasibility Studies (RRFS)

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