The ASAT Prisoner’s Dilemma: Making the Case for U.S. Leadership and a Unilateral Moratorium on Kinetic-Energy Anti-Satellite Testing

By Douglas Loverro, Brian G. Chow, Brandon W., Kelley, Brian Weedon and Robert Cardillo, Published by Aerospace Security, 11 January 2022 On the 15th anniversary of the first post-Cold War kinetic-energy ASAT test, it’s time for the U.S. to take a stance Over 70 years ago, two RAND researchers structured the

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An image from Tianhe panoramic camera A during the first Shenzhou-13 spacewalk in November 2021. Credit: CMSA/CCTV/Chinese Academy of Sciences

China’s space station maneuvered to avoid Starlink satellites

By Andrew Jones, Published by SpaceNews, 28 December 2021 HELSINKI — China has informed the United Nations that its crewed space station twice maneuvered to avoid potential collisions with SpaceX Starlink satellites earlier this year. A notification dated Dec. 6 by China under Article V of the Outer Space Treaty

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Source: Blacklisted News

Space: The U.S. Has Questions for Russia, Which Has More for the U.S.

By Vladimir Kozin, Published by World Beyond War, 22 November 2021 On November 15, 2021, the Russian Ministry of Defense carried out the successful destruction of the discontinued and decommissioned national spacecraft named “Tselina-D”, which was put into orbit back in 1982. The head of the Russian Defense Ministry, Sergei

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