The atmospheric reentry process generates extreme heat and mechanical loads, which lead to the satellite's disintegration at the altitude of about 45 miles. (Image credit: ESA)

Space debris problem spurs a bold change in US government regulations

By Elizabeth Howell, Publishd by, 12 April 2023 The Federal Communications Commission plans to streamline its space activities to meet fast-growing space safety needs. The fast-growing space debris issue is top of mind at a new space-focused division of the U.S. government. "Satellite and orbital debris rules" will be one of

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National Space Council to ask industry for input on new space rules

Active debris removal is among the novel missions for which the National Space Council intends to set rules. (European Space Agency) By Theresa Hitchens,Published by Breaking Defense, 30 September 2022 The new rules framework is due to Vice President Kamala Harris by March 7, said National Space Council Director of

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