Currently, the U.S. government’s space tracking mission is still handled by the Pentagon. Getty Images

As Space Junk Multiplies, Pentagon Is Stuck Tracking It for Civilians

By Jacqueline Feldscher, Published by Defense One, 27 May 2021 Private industry is launching at a pace with which the military’s space-surveillance system can’t keep up. Now lawmakers say the Commerce Department’s fix is running late. It’s been nearly three years since the U.S. Commerce Department was ordered to start

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Nobody Wants Rules in Space

By Patrick Tucker, Published by Defense One, 6 May 2021 As space becomes more crowded, there’s little hope for new international rules to make it safer. Debris from a crashing Chinese rocket hurtling toward Earth and a Russian projectile-shooting spy satellite are the two examples of a big problem: too

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On 60th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin’s landmark trip around Earth, Russia proposes talks to ban placement of all weapons in space

By Jonny Tickle, Published by Russia Today, 12 April 2021 In order to prevent a potential arms race in the cosmos, Russia has revealed that it wants to begin negotiations with other space-faring nations to create an international treaty to ban the deployment of weapons in Earth’s orbit. That’s according

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