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Maneuver warfare in space: The strategic imperative for nuclear thermal propulsion

By Christopher Stone, Published by C4ISRNET, 8 July 2021 China’s aggressive military space strategy, which views space warfare as “rapid and destructive,” must prompt U.S. space leaders to rethink their approach to this growing threat. While defenses against Chinese ground-based anti-satellite missiles or on-orbit weapons may include such methods as

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The Nuclearization of Space

By Karl Grossman, Published by CounterPunch, 3 June 2021 “BACK TO THE FUTURE NASA’S NEW NUCLEAR VISION” was the headline emblazoned on the cover this past month of the leading U.S. aerospace trade publication, Aviation Week & Space Technology. “More than sixty years after the U.S. began serious studies into

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Memorial Day: 5G AND THE MILITARY — Marriage Made in Hell

By Kate Kheel with Patricia Burke, Published by Natural Blaze, 26 May 2021 “What 5G means to the military 5G wireless communications is expected to move voice, video, text, and image data with bandwidth as fast as 300 GHz to create data on demand for the battlefield. 5G telecommunications technology

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