DARPA believes that nuclear-powered propulsion could enable rapid maneuver in space — a capability that is difficult to achieve with current electric and chemical propulsion systems. (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency)

Pentagon taps industry for nuclear-powered propulsion for its satellites

By Nathan Strout, Published by C4ISRNET, 10 September 2021 WASHINGTON — The Department of Defense is looking to industry for nuclear-powered propulsion technology to drive its spacecraft, freeing them from the low-energy limitations of current electric and solar-based propulsion systems. Those traditional systems have largely served government space systems well.

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(3DSculptor/Getty Images) (Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Maneuver warfare in space: The strategic imperative for nuclear thermal propulsion

By Christopher Stone, Published by C4ISRNET, 8 July 2021 China’s aggressive military space strategy, which views space warfare as “rapid and destructive,” must prompt U.S. space leaders to rethink their approach to this growing threat. While defenses against Chinese ground-based anti-satellite missiles or on-orbit weapons may include such methods as

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