Moon landing: US firm Intuitive Machines makes historic touchdown

By Jonathan Amos, Published by the BBC, 23 February 2024 An American company has made history by becoming the first commercial outfit to put a spacecraft on the Moon. Houston-based Intuitive Machines landed its Odysseus robot near the lunar south pole. Watch: There were celebrations at the Texas company Intuitive

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As crippled Peregrine moon lander burns up in Earth’s atmosphere, Astrobotic ‘excited for the next adventure’

Astrobotic's private Peregrine moon lander suffered an anomaly after separating from its Vulcan Centaur rocket on Jan. 8, 2024. (Image credit: ULA) By Brett Tingley, Published by, 19 January 2024 'There's a lot that worked, and that is something I'm very proud of.' Astrobotic remains upbeat about its Peregrine lunar

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International Space Station

Shutting down the International Space Station: NASA’s bold plans to land outpost in ocean

International Space Station (from Society for Science) By Eric Lagatta, Published by USA Today, 16 January 2024 After two decades, NASA is laying the groundwork for plans to safely deorbit and land the International Space Station, the largest of its kind ever built, by 2030. The International Space Station has been continuously

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Linking Large Language Models for Space Domain Awareness

Satellite Dishes (Defense One) Presented by Booz Allen, Published by Defense One, 12 January 2024 Advancing AI to Ensure Freedom and Safety in Space SPEED READ There’s an urgent need for advanced AI as an expected surge in the number of active satellites by 2030 makes space increasingly “competitive, congested,

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(Image credit: Intuitive Machines)

Private Peregrine moon lander failure won’t stop NASA’s ambitious commercial lunar program

(Image credit: Intuitive Machines) By Monisha Ravisetti, published by, 10 January 2024 Despite anomalies experienced by the Peregrine lunar lander, scientists are looking ahead to upcoming missions under NASA's Commercial Lunar Payload Services program. NEW ORLEANS — It was only two days ago when Peregrine, the inaugural private lander

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