Space Force to examine U.S. military needs for low-orbiting surveillance satellites

By Sandra Erwin, Published by SpaceNews, 15 February 2022 Battlefield commanders demand more reliable and timely data that could be provided by commercial services WASHINGTON — Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall has directed the Space Force to look broadly at military requirements for overhead surveillance that could be met by

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The evacuation of Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul, Afghanistan, as imaged by Planet’s Skysat satellite Aug. 23, 2021. Credit: Planet Labs

Report: U.S. military needs a better way to buy commercial satellite imagery

By Sandra Erwin, Publishd by SpaceNews, 2 February 2022 CSIS: 'One of the biggest obstacles for the U.S. government to effectively access commercial space capabilities is the acquisition and contracting system' WASHINGTON — The U.S. military and intelligence community have a growing demand for satellite imagery but their acquisition methods

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Landsat image

The complicating role of the private sector in space

By Victoria Samson, Published by The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, 17 January 2022 ABSTRACT National security in space has long focused on the threat posed by potentially offensive capabilities or behavior of nation-states. However, there is a huge shift in the type of dominant actor in space and this may

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A notional image of one of the Space Development Agency's first transport layer satellites. (Lockheed Martin)

The US military wants to plug commercial satellites into its orbital networks

By Nathan Strout, Published by C4ISRNET, 23 December 2021 WASHINGTON — The U.S. military wants to directly plug commercial imagery satellites into its forthcoming orbital networks, enabling soldiers in the field to access that data faster. The military has become increasingly interested in using satellite imagery to extend its situational

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