Stalking the Bear

The unknown history of the CIA and NSA in Norway

The author of this book is Bård Wormdal, an award winning author, filmmaker and journalist from Norway who specialises in intelligence and warfare. He has worked for NRK, Norway’s largest mediahouse, for more than 30 years.

Bård also published “The Satellite War” in 2011, about how new military installations in the polar areas have helped transform war.

As one of the principal partners for United States’ technical intelligence, Norway is THE dream partner. This statement comes from a document from the National Security Agency, NSA, made public by whistleblower Edward Snowden. But why is Norway so important?

For over 70 years the Norwegian military intelligence has maintained a secret, formal, direct collabaoration with the NSA and the CIA, outside the scope of NATO. The general public were also unaware of this cooperation. This book is the first uncensored book on the development of this cooperation aimed at the Soviet Union and later Russia.

To what extent does the collaboration serve American interests? To what extent does it serve Norwegian interests? Then it must be asked, to what degree is the collaboration aimed at the Soviet Union and later Russia?

This book tells the stories of the Norwegian Intelligence Service’a intelligence stations located in Northern Norway, close to the superpower in the east – Russia, through personal interviews, a number of former employees of the Norwegian military intelligence provide unique into one of the world foremost intelligence alliances.

Bård publishes is own books and this one can be ordered through Amazon – here.