A notional image of one of the Space Development Agency's first transport layer satellites. (Lockheed Martin)

The US military wants to plug commercial satellites into its orbital networks

By Nathan Strout, Published by C4ISRNET, 23 December 2021 WASHINGTON — The U.S. military wants to directly plug commercial imagery satellites into its forthcoming orbital networks, enabling soldiers in the field to access that data faster. The military has become increasingly interested in using satellite imagery to extend its situational

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Credit: Slingshot Laboratory

Slingshot launches interactive tool to make the complexities of space more accessible

By Sandra Erwin, Published by SpaceNews, 29 September 2021 CEO Melanie Stricklan: 'The growing space industry needs top talent but many are not trained in fundamental spaceflight astrodynamics' WASHINGTON — An interactive simulation of the space environment developed by Slingshot Aerospace for military satellite operators is now being offered commercially,

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GPS 3F satellite artist rendition. Credit: Lockheed Martin

Military communications payloads could hitchhike on future GPS satellites

By Sandra Erwin, Published by Space News, 2 August 2021 Space-based communications from GPS satellites would give the military an additional layer of connectivity in medium Earth orbit WASHINGTON — The next generation of Global Positioning System satellites could host additional payloads to provide communications services, the U.S. Space Force

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