China Goes ‘Ballistic’ In Its Hypersonic Weapons Program; Tests New Engine That Could Power Its Mach-5 Aircraft

By Sakshi Tiwari, Publishd by Eurasian Times, 26 January 2022 China is reportedly developing and testing its hypersonic technology at a rapid pace. The communist nation created ripples across the world when it launched a “Fractional Orbital Bombardment System” to launch a nuclear-capable hypersonic glide vehicle around the world. In

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Cover of Occasional Paper 2104, China Waging War in Space: An After-Action Report. Image courtesy of Henry Sokolski/Nonproliferation Policy Education Center

A China-US war in space: The after-action report

By Henry Sokolski, Published by Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, 17 January 2022 Mention military space operations and most people, even sophisticates in Washington, conjure up images of Star Wars: Laser-powered firearms, star fighters and battleships, and cosmic fireball explosions that propel space rubble to infinity and beyond. What’s presumed

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