Air Force’s Small Telescope Tech Will Help Detect Enemy Satellites Sneaking Up On Friendly Ones

By Brett Tingley, Published by The Drive, 5 January 2022 The previously classified Starfire Optical Range aids astronomers while enabling the Space Force to better detect and track small objects in space. Previously classified adaptive optics technologies enabled the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) to capture an image of

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China’s hypersonic wind tunnel

Big Boost To China’s Hypersonic Technology; Engineers ‘Crack Codes’ Of A Highly Innovative, ‘Miracle’ Engine?

By Shreya Mundhra, Published by The Eurasian Times, 27 December 2021 Chinese scientists are celebrating the success of a new hypersonic engine, according to reports. The past few months have been important for China in terms of the success of its hypersonic technologies. Not only did the country get a

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US Accuses Russia of Generating Orbital Debris After ‘Destructive’ Satellite Test, Vows to Respond

By Nevin Brown, Published by Sputnik News, 15 November 2021 The United States has accused the Russian Federation of conducting a "destructive satellite test" that could put astronauts, cosmonauts, and global satellite operations at risk. Through the U.S. State Department's spokesperson, Ned Price, it was revealed that the alleged test

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