A Virgin Orbit LauncherOne rocket is being prepared for an upcoming launch at Mojave Air and Space Port, California. Credit: Virgin Orbit

The UK Is Rejoining the Space Race

By Jonathan O'Callaghan, Published by Wired, 23 September 2022 Virgin Orbit will launch satellites from the country for the first time, bringing orbital flight capability to Europe. As early as next month, a modified Boeing 747 jet will fly from Cornwall, the southwestern tip of the United Kingdom, out over

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Nova Scotia spaceport project aims to launch clean-tech rockets

By Elizabeth Howell, Published by Space.com, 2 September 2022 Spaceport America and other private space launch facilities worldwide have a new entrant to the market: Canada, which aims to fly 'green' rockets in 2023. Spaceport America is getting a Canadian competitor. A private Canadian rocket facility aims to send clean-tech

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Answer To Russia’s Electronic Warfare, Anti-Drone Tech – British Firm Unveils ‘Laser Taser’ To Jam The Jammers

By Parth Satam, Published by Eurasian Times, 29 July 2022 A British company has introduced a new laser-controlled drone that can eliminate the radio connection, which is often jammable and vulnerable to interception, detection, and interference. Meant to bypass counter-drone systems, the technology still seems to be in a nascent

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