Rocket Lab signs on to U.S. military’s ‘rocket cargo’ program

By Sandra Erwin, Published by SpaceNews, 6 September 2022 The cooperative research and development agreement was signed with U.S. Transportation Command WASHINGTON — Rocket Lab announced Sept. 7 it has signed a cooperative agreement with the U.S. military to explore the possibility of using the company’s space launch vehicles to

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Artist’s concept of Hypersonic Air-breathing Weapons Concept (HAWC) missile. (Raytheon)

Hypersonic spy planes and cargo transports? Pentagon is interested

By Theresa Hitchens, Published by Breaking Defense, 17 November 2021 You can imagine a reusable system that can fly around and drop payloads and come back, or a hypersonic system that can carry other hypersonic systems," said Gillian Bussey, head of DoD's Joint Hypersonics Transition Office. WASHINGTON: Reusable super-high-speed aircraft

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US Must Build Space ‘Superhighway’ Before China Stakes Claims: Senior Space Force Officer

By Theresa Hitchens, Published by Breaking Defense, 20 October 2021 Brig. Gen. John Olson, who advises CSO Gen. Jay Raymond on space logistics issues, believes the US must rapidly act to take the "first mover advantage" for itself to block Chinese ambitions, which could include territorial claims in space. WASHINGTON:

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