Wealthy Nations Carving Up Space & Its Riches

By Theodora Ogden, Published by Consortium News, 13 May 2022 The future of space could be a gold rush for resources – and not everyone will benefit Satellites help run the internet and television and are central to the Global Positioning System. They enable modern weather forecasting, help scientists track

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Chamath Palihapitiya and Richard Branson are being sued over allegedly covering up flaws in Virgin Galactic’s spaceships and pocketing millions by dumping shares

By Shalini Nagarajan, Published by Business Insider, 3 March 2022 Chamath Palihapitiya and Richard Branson have been sued for allegedly concealing flaws in Virgin Galactic’s spacecrafts.An investor lawsuit alleges they dumped shares while aware of that non-public information, making millions of dollars.They took advantage of an “artificially inflated” stock price

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Source: Blacklisted News

Can Space Tourism Co-exist with Space being turned into a War Zone?

By Karl Grossman, Presented at the Space Tourism: Legal Dimensions Conference, 29 January 2022 The push to turn space into a war zone could spell goodbye to space tourism. The space tourism drive that is underway, led by billionaires Jeff Bezos with his Blue Origin company, Richard Branson and his

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