Space Based Infrared System (SBIRS) geosynchronous Earth orbit satellite on an Atlas V launch vehicle from Space Launch Complex 41 at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station, FL, in May 2021.

A resilient, layered space-based architecture is well suited to missile warning systems

By Breaking Defense, 20 December 2021 While the GEO-based Space-Based Infrared System continues to serve US missile-warning needs, emerging threats and an increasingly contested space environment may benefit from a layered architecture in multiple orbits. There are several major trends today in space-based early warning/missile warning. The first is the

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Can a space war be stopped?

By Paul Robinson, Published by Russia Today, 18 November 2021 News that Russia has tested an anti-satellite missile has sparked concern for spacecraft and, more worryingly, highlighted the lack of international treaties regulating space weapons, meaning the cosmos is becoming a battleground. While the US currently opposes controls on orbital

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Weapons are already being developed for the first space war. [Source:]

Insane U.S. Plan to Spend Billions on Weaponizing Space Makes Defense Contractors Jump for Joy—But Rest of World Cowers in Horror at Prospect of New Arms Race Leading to World War III

By Karl Grossman, Published by CovertAction Magazine 25 August 2021 Imagine this scenario from the year 2045: The U.S. and China, after years of belligerence, go to war over control of the Taiwan straits; most of the battles are fought through cyber-attacks and space-based weapons systems that had been perfected

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