Another gate breach at RAF Mildenhall prompts increased security measures

Fifteen “green” barriers have been installed around RAF Mildenhall, England. (Karen Abeyasekere/Air Force)

By Howard Altman,
Air Force Times – 7 February, 2021

Security measures were increased at RAF Mildenhall in England last month after an unauthorized man gained access to the base, officials have confirmed to Military Times.

On Jan. 23, “a British national gained unauthorized access onto RAF Mildenhall,” a United States Air Forces in Europe-Air Forces Africa public affairs staffer told Military Times Sunday morning in an email. “No ill intent is suspected, and the individual was escorted off base without incident. Extra security measures are in effect to ensure a similar incident does not occur.”

Citing operational security concerns, USAFE officials declined comment what new steps are being taken to defend the base against intruders.

“A security investigation is underway and further action may be taken pending results,” USAFE’s media desk said in a statement to Military Times.

The wing commander declined comment as well.

“I cannot comment on this as it’s a subject of an ongoing investigation,” Air Force Col. Troy Pananon, commander of the 100th Air Refueling Wing, the base host unit, told Military Times Saturday afternoon. “Installation security and defense is the top priority for every base and RAF Mildenhall is no exception.”

A post on the unofficial Air Force amn/nco/snco Facebook page — which first reported the incident — said that a man “drove through the bird in hand gate which has alligator teeth, popped three tires, Not one of the three SF members in the gate shack noticed. The man made it to the gym parking lot and was trying to change three flats with one spare and a member walking out of the gym approached him and knew something was wrong. Called BDOC and walked the man back to the gate where his daughter was waiting. Now SF have to stand outside the gate shack 24/7 and the investigation is on going.”

Monday morning, USAFE officials confirmed the incident took place at the Bird in Hand Gate, which was guarded at the time, and that the man was discovered changing his tires.

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