SpaceX Damage Reports

By Brian Wang,
Publihed by Next Big Future, 4 May 2023

Here are video reviews of the damage from the SpaceX April 20, 2023 Starship launch.

There was hundreds of tons of dirt and concrete thrown hundreds of feet. There was a lighter layer of dust that went miles.

The winds from the thrust were very powerful within a few thousand feet.

The SpaceX concrete launchpad was built with Fondag concrete. Fondag is formulated using specific alumina binders and synthetic aggregates. Fondag is the most reliable ready-to-use heavy-duty concrete on the market.

SpaceX thought that Fondag would be able to hold up to one 31-engine launch. The Fondag had done fine in the half power hold down test.

The Fondag cracked and then super heated gas went into the cracks and pressure built up rapidly to break more concrete.

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