Lockheed Martin announces reorganization of its space business

By Sandra Erwin,
Published by SpaceNews, 4 May 2023

The company is creating a new national security space sector to be led by Maria Demaree

WASHINGTON — Lockheed Martin announced May 4 it is consolidating several businesses focused on space into three sectors: Commercial civil space, national security space, and strategic and missile defense.

“With an eye toward the future and building on our current business momentum, these changes position us to deliver end-to-end solutions for today’s mission demands and well into the future,” said Robert Lightfoot, executive vice president of Lockheed Martin Space.

  • The commercial civil space sector will focus on space exploration missions, space infrastructure development and scientific projects.
  • A new national security space sector — to be led by vice president and general manager Maria Demaree — will be a new line of business including classified and defense portfolios in support of the U.S. military and special programs.
  • The strategic and missile defense systems focuses on strategic deterrence, missile defense and hypersonic vehicle programs.

Lightfoot in a news release said the changes are in response to emerging requirements. “As space capabilities continue to be a critical enabler within the battlespace and global economy, the industry is seeing significant movement in customer requirements, a renewed competitive environment, and a shift in the pace and urgency to address emerging threats.”

Robert Lightfoot, executive vice president of Lockheed Martin Space. Credit: Tom Kimmell Photography

During the reorganization, Johnathon Caldwell, vice president and general manager of military space; and Stacy Kubicek, vice president and general manager of mission solutions, will remain in their current roles and serve as strategic advisors to Demaree on the creation and shaping of the new national security space organization. 

Lockheed Martin Space plans to also stand up a product center focused on “driving affordability and marketability of Lockheed Martin Space products for internal and external customers,” the company said.

This product center will be led by Mike Patton, a former GE executive who previously ran Lockheed Martin space operations.

Lockheed Martin, one of the nation’s largest defense contractors, had $66 billion in sales in 2022. The company reported in January that its space backlog is nearly $30 billion.

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