Report from COP 28

By Tamara Lorincz, 12 December 2023

It has been extremely busy at the climate summit in Dubai. I have worked really hard every day to promote the messages of peace for climate justice, cut military spending for climate finance, demilitarize to decarbonize, NATO is a threat to people & the planet, cancel the F-35s, stop the wars-stop the warming etc.

I was selected to be a delegate on the Climate Action Network-Canada (CAN-Rac) delegation representing the Canadian Voice of Women for Peace and the Women’s International League for Peace & Freedom-Canada at COP 28. The delegate badge gave me observer status and access to the blue zone where the official negotiations and high level meetings were taking place.

In Dubai, from early morning to late at night, I attended sessions, made interventions, held meetings, did media interviews and participated in many solidarity actions for fossil fuel phase out, for Indigenous land & water defenders, just transition, cleaning the tarsands etc.

I participated in the daily meetings of Women Gender Constituency and CAN-Rac. I helped with the WILPF action on “Demilitarization for Climate Justice and Gender Justice” in the blue zone.

While at the COP, I talked to several leaders, negotiators, state officials and UNFCCC personnel about the problem of military spending and military emissions. I went to many country pavilions to learn and express solidarity. I have taken lots of photos and notes and collected many contacts and business cards. I have posted some things on social media. I have a lot to share.

As well, I attended the first big 5-hour Climate Action Network International strategy session on November 29, the day before COP started, and the second one on December 7, the “rest day” but we did a lot of work that day. I also spent time in the Green Zone looking at the exhibits, handout out information, making interventions, talking with people etc.

I wanted to let you know that on Tuesday, December 12 at 1pm ET I will be participating in a webinar panel on “Climate & Militarism” hosted by the Canadian Foreign Policy Institute. Please see registration link below. I will also be hosting a report back and open discussion on Sunday, December 17 at 1pm ET. Please find the zoom link below.

(1) WEBINAR “Climate & Militarism”

Tuesday, December 12, 1:00-2:30 PM ET

Join us for a webinar featuring renowned Nigerian activist & author Nnimmo Bassey, University of Toronto Professor Emily Gilbert, Transnational Institute Researcher Nick Buxton & Canadian Voice of Women for Peace & WILPF-Canada’s Tamara Lorincz to discuss the connections between the existential threats of climate change and militarism.


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(2) ONLINE MEETING: COP 28 Climate Summit in Dubai Report Back with Tamara Lorincz
Co-hosted by WILPF Canada and the Canadian Voice of Women for Peace

Sunday, December 17, 2023 11:00 am-12:00 pm PT | 1:00-2:00 pm ET

Let’s talk about the latest climate summit COP 28 in Dubai, its outcomes and what’s civil society should do next to respond. Tamara will also share her experiences advocating for peace for climate justice, cutting military spending for climate justice, transparently reporting military emissions, resisting NATO’s presence at the COP and cancelling the F-35 warplanes, demilitarization for decarbonization. She was a delegate on the Climate Action Network Canada delegation representing VOW & WILPF-Canada and a participant with the Women Gender Constituency.

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I am grateful to the GN for contributing to some of the costs of my material at COP 28.

Solidarity to keep space for peace and for early warning systems not war!

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