Lockheed Martin Delivers HELIOS Laser Weapon System to U.S. Navy

By Naval News Staff,
Published by Naval News, 18 August 2022

Lockheed Martin delivered to the U.S. Navy a 60+ kW-class high energy laser with integrated optical-dazzler and surveillance (HELIOS), the first tactical laser weapon system to be integrated into existing ships and provide directed energy capability to the fleet.

Lockheed Martin press release

Integrated and scalable by design, the multi-mission HELIOS system will provide tactically relevant laser weapon system warfighting capability as a key element of a layered defense architecture.

“Lockheed Martin and the U.S. Navy share a common vision and enthusiasm for developing and providing disruptive laser weapon systems. HELIOS enhances the overall combat system effectiveness of the ship to deter future threats and provide additional protection for Sailors, and we understand we must provide scalable solutions customized to the Navy’s priorities. HELIOS represents a solid foundation for incremental delivery of robust and powerful laser weapon system capabilities.”

Rick Cordaro, vice president, Lockheed Martin Advanced Product Solutions.

HELIOS is a transformational new weapon system providing an additional layer of protection for the fleet with its deep magazine, low-cost per kill, speed of light delivery and precision response.


Naval News comments:

Scale model of USS Preble fitted with HELIOS

Naval News understands that a Lockheed Martin HELIOS laser weapon system will be installed aboard USS Preble during a depot maintenance period (DMP) availability . The Pearl Harbor-based destroyer will be the first of its type to be equipped with a high-energy laser to counter surface craft and unmanned aerial systems

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