FAA Wants 63 Corrections Before SpaceX Starship Can Launch

By Brian Wang,
Published by nextBIGfuture, 8 September 2023

The FAA has closed the investigation into the problems with the last SpaceX Super Heavy Starship orbital test launch attempt on April 20, 2023. the FAA cites multiple root causes of the April 20, 2023, mishap and 63 corrective actions SpaceX must take to prevent mishap reoccurrence.

The corrective actions include:
* redesigns of vehicle hardware to prevent leaks and fires [SpaceX has made hardware corrections, unknown if FAA will sign off]
* redesign of the launch pad to increase its robustness [SpaceX has completed this, unknown if FAA will sign off]
* incorporation of additional reviews in the design process [unknown if SpaceX process reviews are updated to FAA satisfaction]
* additional analysis and testing of safety critical systems and components including the Autonomous Flight Safety System, and the application of additional change control practices. [unknown if SpaceX changes are updated to FAA satisfaction]

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