Drilling Earth, Nuking Space

Published by buzzsprout, 8 February 2023

I Fought the Law
Episode 2

Are you as terrified as everyone else about the possibility of nuclear war and total destruction of the planet? Or don’t you even think about it? 

Either way, welcome to another episode of I Fought The Law , the law being corporate media as it shills for the weapons and fossil fuel industries and cheers on global nuclear war and planetary destruction.  I’m your host Dennis Broe, novelist, journalist and media critic, and each week I and my guests will explore this ever-worsening predicament.This is a show for peace activists, those who care about the future of the planet, and all those who want to stop the acceleration of global war. 

On this episode peace and anti-weapons-in-space activist Bruce Gagnon and I discuss the U.S. and NATO plan to seize Russia’s mineral wealth in Siberia and access to oil drilling in the Arctic. Bruce has returned from Russia and the Donbass and describes what he saw as well as Zelensky’s current request for nuclear weapons for Ukraine.  

On our first feature, “Dispatches,” this week titled “Where Have All The Comedians Gone?,” I highlight the conversion of laughter to propaganda on television. 

On our final feature “Global Jeopardy” Bruce and I try to come up with the appropriate question for the answer in the category “Tanks for the Memories.” 

You can read more of Bruce’s commentary at Organizing Notes http://space4peace.blogspot.com/

To link to and listen to the podcast go to https://substack.com/inbox/post/101644248