China has over 300 satellites in orbit

Gaofen-4 EO Series satellite.

By Staff Writers,
Published in SpaceDaily, 2 March 2021

Beijing (XNA) – China’s satellite application system has made great progress in 2020, with more than 300 satellites in orbit for various applications, according to a recent report released by the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation.

Among them are Beidou navigation satellites, remote sensing satellites for meteorological and marine monitoring, and communication satellites.

China started the construction of a high-throughput broadband satellite communication system in 2020, with the APSTAR-6D telecommunication satellite launched in July.

Based on satellite communication capability, China provides communication services for users on the ground and in the sea and air. The total number of direct broadcasting satellite service users has exceeded 145 million.

With the improvement of space infrastructure, aerospace enterprises have promoted the integration of aerospace and other industries through satellite operations and data mining, according to the report.

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