The Ex-NSA Operative Cyber-Mercenary Scandal Shows the Spyware Industry Is Totally Out of Control

By Lucas Ropek, Published by Gizmodo, 16 September 2021 Earlier this week, the Department of Justice revealed that three former U.S. intelligence operatives were facing federal charges in connection with their work for DarkMatter, a foreign cybersecurity company based in the United Arab Emirates. The men, who formerly worked for

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Billionaire space race: What does it mean for climate change and the environment?

By Jocelyn Timperley, Published by Science Focus, 12 August, 2021 New regulations regarding the environmental impacts of space travel must be put in place to prevent the emergence of a ‘Wild West’ attitude, experts say. Space travel made international headlines in July as both Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and Virgin

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SpaceX has had repeated run-ins with local authorities and residents stemming from its spaceport in Boca Chica, Texas. Loren Elliott/Getty Images

SpaceX threatened with arrests as local authorities in Texas warn it may have committed a crime by using private security guards to block public roads

By Tyler Sonnemaker, Published by businessinsider, 16 June 2021 Texas officials warned SpaceX it might have committed crimes by closing public roads, KGRW reported. In a letter, Cameron County DA Luis Saenz accused SpaceX of knowingly ignoring previous warnings. Saenz called the conduct "unacceptable" and threatened arrests for future violations.

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