Over 5,000 Starlink satellites have been deployed by CEO of SpaceX and billionaire Elon Musk - only 4,000 less than the amount of visible stars in the sky

Elon Musk’s satellites litter the heavens as astonishing video shows how 5,000 Starlink aircraft are whizzing around the Earth and ‘will soon outnumber the stars’

By Martha Williams, Published by Daily Mail, 29 September 2023 Elon Musk's 5,000 Starlink satellites are on track to surpass the number of visible stars in the sky, around 9,000 A fascinating video showed the staggering number floating around in space   Scientists fear for the future of astronomy as Musk's

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Groundbreaking SpaceX Collaboration: NASA Astronaut Joins Forces with 2 Russian Cosmonauts for Epic Space Station Mission

NASA astronaut, alongside two Russian cosmonauts, embark on a momentous journey to the International Space Station This historic launch signifies Russia's return to manned missions after a year-long hiatus Exciting times ahead for space exploration! Published by hocmarketing, 20 September 2023Editor: Diem My Join CNNs Wonder Theory science newsletter to

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Starlink lost over 200 satellites in two months – tracker data

By Justinas Vainilavičius, Published bycybernews, 19 September 2023 There’s been an uptick in burned Starlink satellites over the summer, according to satellite tracking data. Starlink, a satellite constellation operated by aerospace company SpaceX, lost 212 satellites in the period spanning July 18th and September 18th, data compiled by satellitemap.space shows.

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