Space-to-ground capabilities are the answer to deterring invasion of Taiwan

By Christopher Stone, Published by The Space Review, 30 January 2023 In September 2022, the Defense Policy Board met for “classified deliberations” on how China’s “fractional orbital bombardment systems and space-to-ground weapons could impact U.S. deterrence and strategic stability.” These systems were demonstrated in August 2021 when China launched a

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Russia’s Highly Maneuverable Avangard Hypersonic Missile Impossible To Intercept, Expert Says Over New US, Japan Pact

By Ashish Dangwai, 5 December 2022Published by The EurAsian Times, 5 December 2022 Japan and the United States will conduct extensive joint missile technology research to intercept hypersonic glide missiles deployed by China and Russia, reported Asia Nikkei on December 4.  Russia has already deployed Hypersonic glide vehicles (HGVs), while

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SDA Tracking Layer optimized to keep tabs on low-flying, maneuvering hypersonic missiles. (SDA graphic)

US Achieves ‘Key Milestone’ To Intercept ‘Russian, Chinese’ Hypersonic Missiles; GPI Program To Enter Next Big Stage

By Sakshi Tiwari, Published by The Eurasian Times, 23 September 2022 The US Missile Defense Agency is pursuing anti-hypersonic missile defense on a war footing to combat the exacerbated hypersonic missile threat from Russia and China. In a significant breakthrough toward that end, the Glide Phase Interceptor Program (GPI) has

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