UK space defence to get £1.4bn boost

Posted on ADS Advance, 1 February 2022 The UK will invest £1.4 billion to bolster our national interests in space, as part of the first Defence Space Strategy published today. Following publication of the National Space Strategy in September last year, the Defence Space Strategy (DSS) outlines how Defence will

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Artists impression of laser-based communication between satellites. Credit: Northumbria University

UK Space Agency Funds Development of New Laser-Based Satellite Communications System

By Northumbria University, Published by Scitechdaily, 15 January 2022 The UK Space Agency has awarded almost £650,000 to Northumbria University to continue world-leading work to develop the first commercially available laser-based inter-satellite communications system. Currently satellites use radio frequency to transmit data, but this is limited in terms of speed,

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