Touring South Korea to support opposition to US space warfare plans

South Korea Joins US Space Race (

By Bruce Gagnon,
Posted in Organizing Notes, 19 February 2024

I’ve just landed in South Korea (ROK) where I will be on a speaking tour around the country for the next 10 days.

I was invited to come and talk about Washington’s push to entrap South Korea into the Pentagon’s space technology strategy aimed at North Korea, China and Russia.

Already at the US Osan AFB in South Korea the Space Force has set up operations with the ROK client state.

The US has pushed the right-wing Seoul government to massively expand their spending on military space tech. With the current US national debt now at $35 trillion, Washington can’t afford to pay for its expensive and ambitious plans to ‘control and dominate’ space. Thus the #1 job of the Pentagon and State Department is to get the allies to help pay for the space warfare infrastructure.

Currently the ROK government is building space R & D centers, satellite production facilities, new airfields likely to test hypersonic missiles and expanding ‘missile defense’ deployment sites.

One key goal the US has is to use ROK satellite production and launch facilities to hoist mini-satellites into Lower Earth Orbit (LEO) to help fill up the already crowded orbits before China and Russia can get there. Eyes and ears in LEO give a nation a decisive advantage in full scale war making.

The program is called Proliferated Warfighter Space Architecture. See Scott Ritter’s article on itĀ here.

Late last year the ROK hosted a big space industry conference in the capital city of Seoul in order to cement this expanding space warfare relationship. Dangling the promise of ‘lots of high-tech jobs’ the US has drawn the ROK into the trap.

The problem for the ROK (like all of Washington’s allies participating in this space warfare operation) is that they will have little to no input into how and when this Star Wars program will be used. Even though ROK will help pay for it (and host many of the bases) the Pentagon will remain in charge of the ‘tip of the spear’. Once becoming a colony of the US war machine, a nation loses their right to be full partners.

One sad thing about all of this is how Jeju Island (just off the southern tip of the Korean peninsula) is becoming further militarized via this new space tech operation.

Already the US has forced the construction of a Navy base in the small fishing/farming village of Gangjeong. US Navy warships (including Aegis destroyers outfitted with ‘missile defense’ systems) regularly port there. Jeju’s proximity to China is no coincidence.

Jeju will also be hosting a new satellite production facility by the gigantic Hanwha corporation and recently became the site for an offshore launch of ROK’s first military spy satellite. Thus Jeju increasingly will be a prime target in any US orchestrated war with NK, China and Russia.

Fortunately there is growing opposition across South Korea to all these plans, thus my invitation to come and share the bigger story and the work of theĀ Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space.

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