Solidarity message from Japan

POsted By Bruce Gagnon,
Posted on Organizing Notes, 24 February 2024

Your visit to ROK (South Korea) is also encouraging to us in Japan. I’m following and will spread about Pusan or others.

Yesterday, I went and listened to the talk regarding the rapidly ongoing military buildup not only in Okinawa but also in Kyushu, Hokkaido, Kyoto, and so on.

There were nearly 150 people coming from various places, as the local group in my town asked a big nation-wide pro-Constitution organization consisting of teachers, as well as a labor union, to come here.

Local people here are afraid of our MOD’s newly and quickly building their munition depos ― 130 depos in all, 7 to 9 will be in my town ― for storing various missiles.

Long-range (1000 km) missiles  are being deployed in the Japanese SDFs bases in Kyushu and Hokkaido, and some MLRS in Oita.

My fear is that if and when such military collisions happens with China due to Taiwan emergency, then, what will become of South Korea?

Japan has not yet direct military tie with ROK, but still, geographically, South Korea is between China and Japan, so when the two old foes begin a collision, there must be damages to South Korea. Kyushu is very near to Jeju (200 km), and is nearer to Shanhi than to Taipei.

How could the two countries – China and Japan – fire missiles to each other over South Korea without harming it, I wonder?

So what we, local Japanese in Kyushu, should fear is that we might make South Korea, the nearest is Jeju, a battle field again – it’s a nightmare.

Do the Korean citizens you are meeting with know about such long and other missiles being deployed in Kyushu? Please ask them about it. They should know.

What a fool of our government to follow such an idea starting with Obama administration of preparing for war with China [and North Korea and Russia].

Makiko Sato

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