‘I don’t want the Americans- Yankee go home!’

Soseong-ri: The South Korean village fighting the US military

By Bruce Gagnon,
Posted in Organizing Notes, 8 March 2024

Soseong-ri, South Korea, was a sleepy farming village before the arrival of the US military’s Terminal High Altitude Aerial Defense (THAAD) missile system. 

The THAAD base was built on a golf course next to the melon farming village by the giant ROK conglomerate called Lotte.

While the South Korean government and the US military claim that THAAD will protect South Korea from North Korean attacks, activists and experts have long countered that THAAD is incapable of blocking the kinds of short-range missiles North Korea would use against South Korean targets in a hypothetical war. Instead, they charge THAAD’s real purpose is to protect US military assets in nearby Okinawa and Guam. 

THAAD is ultimately the ‘shield’ to be used after the Pentagon launches the first-strike ‘sword’ into the heart of China, Russia and North Korea.

THAAD has also inflamed relations between South Korea and China, which has decried THAAD’s radar system as a way for the US to spy on Chinese military activities. 

The Real News reports from Soseong-ri, South Korea, where village residents have fought since 2016 against the US military and their own government to stop THAAD. 

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