Waihopi Spy Base Protest

Here is Anti-Bases Campaign's programme for Saturday January 30th.   The protest will start at 10.30 a.m. at the spy base outer gate, Waihopai Valley Road. There will be speakers, including new Green MP Teanau Tuiono   After that, we're going to the Nativity Church, 76 Alfred Street, in central Blenheim. We will be in the lounge. There will be three speakers. At 1 p.m. freelance investigative journalist Ollie Neas will speak about Rocket Lab, the American company which operates an NZ launch pad for US military and spy agency satellites. It is, effectively, a US base on NZ soil. Ollie has written extensively...

SpaceX 5G Satellite Protest

Hawthorne, California 1 Rocket Road, Hawthorne

Join us and people around the world as we demand an immediate halt to 5G satellites & technology on earth & in space unless proven safe... as we call for safer and wiser technology options.

Up to 100,000 low earth orbit satellites, complementary earth base stations & millions more cell antennas (aka User Terminals) have been approved by the FCC. SpaceX and other companies are now deploying satellites to provide 5G wireless internet to every corner of the globe, blanketing the entire planet in wireless radiation with potentially devastating consequences to all of life.

Environmental dangers abound. They include:
• depletion of the ozone layer
• cyberattacks costing $ trillions
• pollution from rocket launches (exhaust gases, black carbon, alumina, toxic chemicals)
• space debris & collisions – Kessler Effect
• vast increase in energy consumption
• climate impacts from manufacturing & disposal of all connected “things” & infrastructure
• interference with the global electrical circuit
• potential disruption to satellites & connected IoT networks from solar flares
• effects on navigation & survival of wildlife
• further militarization of space

The Cold War Truth Commission


Witness For Peace Southwest Invites You To Join: A Day of Education, Testimonials & Action Come Spend The Day While We Put: “THE COLD WAR ON TRIAL” Sunday, March 21st – 1:00 PM to 7:00 PM (PST) Here Are The Speakers We Have So Far: Medea Benjamin, Kathy Kelly, S. Brian Willson, David Swanson, Norman Solomon, Peter Phillips, Jeff Cohen, Ann Wright, Peter Kuznick,  Roy Bourgeois, Bruce Gagnon, Joel Andreas, Gerald Horne, Matthew Hoh, David Vine, Mickey Huff, Eric Mann, Jodie Evans, Gerry Condon, Carl Boggs, Jim Lafferty, John Parker, Marcy Winograd, Jeremy Kuzmarov, Alice Slater, Michael Novick, Carley Towne, Ed Rampell & Others. Please contact us if you are interested...

Is Russia truly our enemy? Should we risk nuclear war?


Bruce Gagnon has been to Russia and Ukraine several times in the last couple of years including leading a delegation of 25 on a study tour of Russia in 2019. The purpose of the tour was to listen, learn, and stand against the constant demonization of Russia by the media across the west. The idea was to build people-to-people bridges between our nations rather than an escalating arms race which could bring us WW III. During the WW II Nazi invasion of the former Soviet Union 27 million citizens lost their lives from the fascist attacks and occupation. The memory...

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