13 September 2003
California perchlorate disclosure vote
Yes-dems, 8 repubs
Lenny Siegel
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The following report from Larry Ladd reinforces my belief that many conservative Republicans will vote like environmentalists on perchlorate issues. Major known sources of perchlorate - typically aerospace industry facilities - tend to be located in suburban areas in the Southwest, most of which have voted Republican for decades. And the people who live next door or downgradient care about chemical contamination that threatens their children, born and unborn. Consequently, even in the Republican-dominated U.S. House of Representatives, it is unlikely that elected officials will let perchlorate polluters off the hook.

Note that Maldonado of Vandenberg AFB district is a yes on perchlorate disclosure..

Ladd wrote:

"The [California] state Senate vote on perchlorate disclosure was along partisan lines, with Democrats for and Republicans against. In the Assembly, however, 8 Republicans where perchlorate is an issue in their area voted for perchlorate disclosure. Those assemblypersons were:

Bogh (Yucaipa) and Dutton (Rancho Cucamonga) of the Inland Empire,
Harmon (Huntington Beach) and Spitzer (Orange) of Orange County,
Horton (Lemon Grove) of San Diego,
Maldonado (San Luis Obispo), and
Richman (Santa Clarita)."

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