October 2018
Keep Space for Peace Week Action Reports/Photos

and details from original call for action are here.

October 06, 2018
First space week event held in India


As part of our global campaign Oct 6-13. A big rally conducted at Visakhapatnam with 200 youth. After rally Awareness meeting conducted, in which the history of Global Network, and its objective explained, and the peace needed to the future generations. It will continue up to 13th Oct.

Prabhakar JV

October 08, 2018
One man peace parade in Asheville
North Carolina

I just want to let you know that I began my week-long sandwich board walks around Asheville yesterday. It was a sunny day and the town was full of tourists. At first, I extended flyers as I walked by people but stopped when I realized that people were not only giving the sign no reaction, but were actually looking away in an attempt to avoid me. Then I just walked, making eye contact when I could, saying good morning, handing a flyer to anyone that reacted visibly to the sign. I was walking around from 10:30 until 12:00, right before lunch time. Sidewalks were busy with spenders and fun seekers.

Overall, most people looked away from me, though I did spot quite a number sneaking a look at the poster. Usually with no facial response at all. Then there were a good number of people - maybe 20 or so - who almost immediately laughed at the image of Trump in the Darth Vader helmet. I even had 4-5 people ask to take my picture with them (just like any tourist attraction). I had actual conversations with maybe 10 people about the message of No Space Force and Keep Space for Peace. All agreed with the message, though only a couple realized that Trump was setting up a whole other branch of the military to accelerate militarism in space.

This walk is a study in how most people donít know, donít want to know, or donít want their good times interrupted with the bad news. One piece of feedback - my initial impression is that for those who do react, the Trump image is the thing they react to, not the message of keep space for peace. It could be that the image is a distraction from the issue, just as Trump always serves that function for the rulers. Something to think about for next time.

Iíll keep at it each day this week for at least an hour. I am casting seeds into the sheltered minds of the bourgeoisie, giving the choir a laugh, and sometimes even touching a nerve about the future we are facing, as I move through Amusement World in my one-man parade.

Ken Jones
Asheville, North Carolina

Uttarakhand, India

Dr. Anumita Agarwal (left) led a meeting of the new peace club to discuss space issues
at PNG Government Post Graduate College Nainital, Uttarakhand, India

Students in the new peace club at PNG Government
Post Graduate College Nainital, Uttarakhand, India

Croughton AFB, Oxfordshire, England

Marching in the rain to US Croughton Air Force Base near Oxford, England

Decorating the fence line at Croughton satellite communication and joint intelligence
base. Space communications, drones, bomber guidance, missile defence and
command & control functions all happen there.

One of my favorite signs from the space week protests - this one at the US Croughton AFB in England.

Fylingdales BMEWS Radar, North Yorkshire, England

We met in two cars at the Hole of Horcum car park on the road from Pickering to Whitby. It has a wonderful view across the moors and is part of the Newtondale Valley, sometimes called the Grand Canyon of England, formed from a glacial lake.

The Hole of Horcum

The police were there to welcome us and say 'hello' (we had been advertising this event for some time).

From there we took one car to Eller Beck from where we visited the tree that was planted some years ago in memory of our friend Race Newton - a goat farmer and wonderful jazz pianist who supported us and the various peace camps established over the years. The police joined us and checked us out here too.

The Ballistic Missile Early Warning (BMEW) radar at Fylingdales is part of its US National Missile Defence programme. It is also used to track and monitor the satellites of other countries. To fulfil these roles it had MILSTAR and SATCOM antennae installed within the base. Periodic updates of computer systems, indicate the extent of the upgrade of the facilities to watch and gather information of satellites, determine missile and satellite interception data if required, and generally play a role in targeting and war fighting capability.

We said cheerio to the police car and walked on. The first part of the walk follows the Lyke Wake Walk - which is 40 mile walk crossing the North Yorkshire moors along the main east-west watershed. We followed only a short part of it until we reached the footpath that swung us round to the base.

The walk round the base was pleasant enough, the rain that threatened held off for the most part and on the way round we told and heard stories of previous actions and events.

On the road that runs around the base just on the outside of the fence we met another patrol car who said hello too! They said we shouldn't really be on this road (which we knew) but when we said we just wanted a picture at the other side and weren't planning an invasion, they were ok with us proceeding. Of course we were watched all the way by the cameras placed at regular intervals along the fence.

Way up north in England's Yorkshire moors these intrepid peaceniks held banners
in the rain outside the Fylingdales US and NATO missile 'defence' radar.

We passed the power generators that supply the electricity for the base and at the other side we were going to point out the Satellite Communications dish which connects the base to US and UK defence networks. But it had gone! Presumably there are now other connections, perhaps through a fibre optic cable system?

We had our photo opportunity in the rain (see above) and continued on to Malo Cross (on the left - placed by the local landowner in the 1600s as a boundary marker. It is inscribed with the letters K with R E. Sir Richard Egerton - Knight).

Then on part way up Whitney Nab and back to the Hole of Horcum where once more the police were there to check us in!

All in all a very pleasant day out on the wonderful North Yorkshire Moors.

On our return I discovered that a message had been left on my phone from Nigel and the Oxfordshire Peace Campaign at the Croughton demonstration in the South of England, which was happening at the same time as ours. However, up on the moors you can't get a signal to send or receive messages so we missed it at the time but it did remind us of all of the actions taking place aroud the world during Keep Space for Peace Week - a great feeling of international solidarity!

Dave Webb

Bath Iron Works, Bath, Maine

Vigil across from the Bath Iron Works administration building in Maine where Navy Aegis destroyers are built which carry interceptor missiles on-board that have proven to function as anti-satellite (ASAT) weapons

Assembling for the vigil at BIW.  People came from all over the state and beyond.

Closing out the BIW vigil we stood on the steps of the administration building and got
 the photo taken just before security chased us off their 'property'.
Following the vigil we held a pot luck lunch and a meeting to discuss our plans
 to hold non-violent civil resistance action at the next 'christening' of
 a destroyer at the shipyard - date not yet known.

October 09, 2018
More space week events

During space week JV Prabhakar is taking his message (see below) to students at schools in his city.

A world without wars and weapons is the objective of Global Network we explained to young Engineers.

Their job is to fight for peaceful co-existence not for war, they have to protect the Mother Earth from blood shed and war.

Women are the worst victims of the war.  Graduate women college against wars and weapons. They raised the voice with Global Network, with professor Manju Latha. They extended support to save Jeju Island.

Global Network peace campaign continues.

Prabhakar JV
Visakhapatnam, India

Menwith Hill, England

We joined the weekly protest held by the Menwith Hill Accountability Campaign (MHAC) to support them and Keep Space for Peace Week.

Menwith Hill is an intelligence gathering centre for the NSA and GCHQ. Part of a huge global surveillance and signals intelligence network for the US, it supplies information which is used for, among other things, targetting armed drone attacks.

The protest at the main gate of Menwith. Picture taken by a friendly policeman

The base is also set to become part of the US/NATO Missile Defence system as one of the downlink stations for the Space Based Infrared System satellites for missile warning, detection and targetting.

MHAC manage to keep a protest presence here every week on a Tuesday between 6 and 8pm. Despite heavy pressure and, sometimes, intimidation from the police, they keep showing their banners and essages to anyone entering or leaving.

At the protest tonight Dave Webb spoke about the Global Network and Trump's ideas for a Space Force and Colin Archer spoke on the Campaign Against the Arms Trade and future events.

There was also some wonderful and welcome, soup and bread made available by Cath fromYorkshire CND.

October 10, 2018
More space week events

People held a space week vigil outside of the Federal Courthouse in Eugene, Oregon

Tucson, Arizona

Outside of the Raytheon weapons production facility in the hot desert of Tucson, Arizona.
Raytheon builds much of the infrastructure for space warfare technology.

NKS Model College Karanja Ghadge Dist-Wardha, Maharastra, India

NKS Model College Karanja Ghadge Dist-Wardha, Maharastra, India
organised program for peace club inauguration in the peace week on 09/10/2018.

NKS students and faculty members expressed their views on the program topic "NO SPACE FORCE".

October 13, 2018
Space Week Meetings

Teacher Prabhu Yadav leads a discussion with faculty and students
at Patan Multiple Campus in Kathmandu, Nepal.


Professor Shreedhar Gautam (Patan Multiple Campus, Tribhuvan University) in Lalipur-Kathmandu leads a discussion at another meeting

As per the schedules of our organization, The Global Network Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space to mark a protest Week from October 6-13, 2018 worldwide, we, Nepal Chapter of Global Network, has organized several Programs, including photos exhibition, banners, pamphlets and interactions.  We held a talk program on October 12 in Kathmandu focusing on the need of keeping the space from Nuclear Powers and proliferation of Nuclear Weapons in the different parts of the world. We opposed the Military alliances like NATO and advocated the need of sustainable development.

We (Shreedhar Gautam and Prabhu Ray Yadav) gave an introductory remarks to draw the attention of the audience regarding the objectives of the Global Network  Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space. And we will organize such activities in futures too.

Prabhu Yadav
Kathmandu, Nepal

In 2016 GN board members Dave Webb (UK), J. Narayana Rao (India), Will Griffin (Philadelphia) and I traveled to Kathmandu to introduce the work of our organization at various college campuses across the city.  Following a presentation to the Nepal Council of World Affairs a decision was made by those we met to form a Nepal Chapter of the Global Network.  Dr. Shreedher Gautam was made President of the chapter and Prabhu Yadav became a board member.

Since then several members of the Nepal Chapter have attempted to come to the US and England for the last two Global Network annual meetings but were all denied entry Visas (except for one member who was able to come to Huntsville, Alabama).  In spite of those denials the chapter continues to stay involved and these space week events are testaments to their commitment for which we are grateful.

Bruce Gagnon

14 October 2018
Space Week Event
on Bridge, Blue Hils, Maine


We had a lively vigil on the bridge on Friday at 4:30, which is ďrush hourĒ in Blue Hill. About 15 people from the peninsula area, and a few from Hancock and even New Gloucester!, came with signs.

We were gratified, and a little surprised, at the number of honks and waves and thumbs-up. The message was well received.

Thanks to Global Network for maintaining this international presence annually.


Judy Robbins
Sedgwick, Maine

15 October 2018
More Space Week Pictures

No MUOS in Sicily!

Flash mob at USA consulate in Palermo, Sicily by No MUOS during Keep Space for Peace Week

The M.U.O.S. (Mobile User Objective System) is a military telecommunication system of the U.S. Navy. A constellation of five satellites covers the whole world, whereas ground communication is granted by four stations, one of which il located in Niscemi, Sicily. Each ground station hosts three parabolic antennas, about 18.4 metres wide, and two elicoidal antennas about 149 metres high. The MUOS will be used to coordinate and command all USA military systems around the world, especially drones, the unmanned aircrafts that will be hosted in Sigonella, Sicily.

Sicilian citizens and No MUOS activists are worried about consequences of the installation of this system on: human health, the ecosystem of the Sughereta di Niscemi, the quality of agricultural production, right to mobility and to the development of territory, right to peace and security of our homeland and of its inhabitants.

Excellent poster from our friends in Sicily.  Says it all.  Wake up America!

Protest sit-in at the gate of the U.S. Naval Radio Transmitter Facility (NRTF) in Niscemi, Sicily. The M.U.O.S. (Mobile User Objective System) is a U.S. Naval Computer and Telecommunications Station. A constellation of five satellites covers the whole world, whereas ground communication is made possible by four stations, one of which is located in Niscemi. Sicilians are worried about consequences of the installation on: human health, the ecosystem, the quality of agricultural production, right to mobility and to the development of territory, right to peace and security of our homeland and of its inhabitants.  Protest was organized by No MUOS.

More of No MUOS protest outside the US high-tech base in Sicily

At the Cairns Esplanade Lagoon in Australia

Washington D.C.

 At the White House in Washington during the weekly Catholic Worker protest

 Monrose, California

On the street in Montrose, California

Andhra University, Visakhapatnam, India

Meeting with students at Andhra University, Visakhapatnam, India.  There were more events across this city than anywhere else.

Sunnyvale, California

Vigil at Lockheed Martin in Sunnyvale, California. Although there were no arrests, Lockheed Martin did close their main gate, and route people around to another gate. They closed the gate as activists approached with their banner..

Thanks to everyone who helped make Keep Space for Peace Week a successful effort again this year!

Global Network