GN’s 2008 Space Conference

April 11-13, 2008

Omaha, Nebraska

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In 2008, the Global Network will hold its 16th Annual Space Organizing Conference and Protest outside this Strategic Command. Hundreds of people from around the world will come to Omaha from April 11 – 13, 2008 to learn first-hand about this military installation that operates in America’s heartland. For the first time, world citizens will gather to shine a light on what StratCom has become.

Located in the heart of the nation, just south of Omaha, Nebraska, the U.S. Strategic Command (StratCom) for years has been the site from which a nuclear war would be controlled. Since 9/11, its mission has expanded to become command central in the U.S.’s “War on Terror” and for the U.S. plans to dominate space militarily.

This “New StratCom” is responsible for overseeing any Global “First Strikes,” the National Security Agency, and Ballistic Missile Defense. Thus, StratCom:

  • Has already drawn up the war plans for a space-directed assault on Iran’s nuclear facilities and - upon approval from the President - will execute the attack;

  • Is spying on Americans from above with its satellite surveillance network by overseeing “warrantless wiretaps” on the ground;

  • Is authorized to attack any place on earth within one hour (using both conventional and nuclear weapons) under the White House’s “Doctrine of Preemption” if the President "suspects" a threat to America’s “national interests”;

  • Is reviving the Cold War by pointing anti-ballistic missile installations at Russia from Eastern Europe and by containing China militarily with a ring of bases and naval destroyers from which to launch a first strike.

Conference Co-sponsors:

  • Bite the Bullet Campaign; Codepink;

  • Committee for the Rescue and Development of Vieques;

  • Fellowship of Reconciliation;

  • International Network against

  • Foreign Military Bases; Nebraskans

  • for Peace; No Nukes North-Alaska;

  • No to Bases Initiative-Czech

  • Republic; Peace Action; United

  • for Peace & Justice; Veterans for

  • Peace; Women’s International League for Peace & Freedom


StratCom today is the most dangerous place on the face of the earth. It is secretive. Its mission is destabilizing. It operates outside the law. And its transformation has occurred so quickly, most of the world is completely unaware of its missions and dangers.

As things now stand, the next war the White House initiates will be planned, launched, and directed by StratCom. Building global awareness is essential if we are to get StratCom to back away from the brink.

Join us!


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See: Agenda
Conference Brochure (735KB PDF file) | Conference Flyer (465 PDF file)
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