The Keep Space for Peace Week Protest in Toronto

October 7 2003

Toronto- During the International Keep Space for Peace Week the Toronto based group People Against Weapons in Space (PAWS) will be participating in a public education/lobby campaign to engage fellow residents in discussion. We will be distributing an information leaflet and postcard alone or in pairs at various subway stations, movie theatres, farmer's markets and other public places.

We are doing this because we are very concerned that the Canadian government may commit Canada to U.S. missile defence (MD). They've entered negotiations WITHOUT an exit strategy, the same mistake they've made many times before. We think our government is naive if they think that having a seat at the table they can convince the Americans to keep weapons out of space.

The liberal caucus is divided on this issue. In fact 37 members were opposed to entering negotiations and the government has postponed their September deadline for returning to the House with a recommendation.

As concerned citizens we're directing our NO TO MISSILE DEFENCE message to Foreign Affairs Minister Bill Graham and Liberal leadership hopeful Paul Martin at this opportune time. The postcard can be downloaded from


Canada refused to go along with an invasion of Iraq and millions of American people are looking to Canadian leadership again. A Canadian government NO to MD would strengthen the resolve of thousands of ordinary Americans who are doggedly protesting the Bush government's headlong rush to secure military superiority in space. Ultimately it's the American electorate that will decide the fate of space but the Canadian government can give them cause for hope.


With one trillion dollars, the estimated cost of MD, George Bush could be a global force for good if he choose to lay down his weapons and pursue a humanitarian mission on earth and leave space to the UN Committee on Outer Space. MD makes the U.S. a gated community. The U.S. can choose to involve itself in the problems of the world. As Senator Doug Roche remarked recently Canadian policy must continue to be based on mutual disarmament, international cooperation, diplomacy and a weapons-free space in conformity to the spirit of the Outer Space Treaty. The U.S. could do the same.

For more information contact:

Carolyn Langdon, People Against Weapons in Space (PAWS)
(416)366-1656 x274 or 416-531-5101

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