Portland, Oregon WILPF - Six Events

2 October 2006


Monday, October 2, 7 pm:Portland WILPF co-sponsored Holly Gwinn Graham in Beaverton, Oregon. WILPF provided a literature table.

Tuesday, October 3, 7 pm WILPF co-sponsored a similar evening with Holly Gwinn Graham at the Multnomah Friends Meeting House in Portland, Oregon. See KS4P Beaverton for program description, Holly's photo and list of co-sponsors.

Wednesday, October 4, 12 noon to 1 pm, WILPF vigil and leafleting in downtown Portland on Pioneer Square. In photo above Barbara Drageaux and Pat Hollingsworth pass out leaflets to passersby who often stop to discuss the issue. Leafleting on Keeping Space for Peace was repeated October 11. The leaflet was based on the WILPF 2006 IEC Resolution on Keeping Space for Peace.

Thursday, October 5, 1 pm: Carol Urner was invited to take a Peace Studies Class at Portland State University for two hours and discuss the U.S. space militarization program (and WILPF!) with students.

Friday, October 6, 5 to 6:30 pm. WILPF and Keeping Space for Peace were featured at the weekly Portland Peaceful Response Coalition which organizes rallies with speakers and drums (see photo on the right below) every Friday evening. They then march along the sidewalk of downtown Portland. No permit is needed, and they have become a local tradition.

WILPF distributed fliers on PAROS, posters and the WILPF/Global Network CD on the space program at Vandenberg Air Force Base. PPRC was also marking the fifth anniversary of the invasion of Afghanistan, so the WILPF talk tied the space program to the ensuing wars there and in Iraq, as well as Pentagon plans for "a century of war." The PPRC chair also made impassioned remarks about the of space militarization. Response was enthusiastic and many pledged to take action during the week.

Letters and Visits to Congressional delegation: October 2 the WILPF Corresponding Secretary, Karen James, sent a letter on behalf of the Branch to all seven members of the Oregon Congressional Delegation. It included a copy of the September WILPF IEC policy resolution on the space program. Once the week's events were concluded WILPF requested appointments with relevant staff of the two Congressmen who represent the greatest number of Portland and Beaverton members. The Space program was the primary issue.

Representative David Wu is on the House Space Committee, and on the subcommittee dealing with NASA and aerospace. NASA had replied to member Celeste Howard in their final NEPA report on Project Prometheus and use of nuclear power in space, and she was able to discuss this in some detail and show the report. We gave the Aide a copy of the new space policy document, just released, which he had not yet seen.

Representative Earl Blumenauer is on the House International Affairs Committee and the Subcommittee on Asia and the Pacific. With his Aide we discussed both HR 2420 calling for a ban on weapons in space and H Res 373 with calls for an end to both missile defense and the pursuit of space and anti-satellite weapons. We discussed the need for the US to comply with the existing 1967 Outer Space Treaty, and to move forward on negotiation of a strong new treaty on Prevention of an Arms Race in Outer Space.


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